In the Blink of an Eye…Time Passes

“Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome” ~Author unknown.

Anymore, when faced with the choice of doing nothing or doing something, I have begun to choose to execute.  To take hold of the moment and to Do “IT”…Now!

Certainly, that has not always been my mode of operation.   In the past, I could have been accused of being a calculated procrastinator.

Now if you’re anything like me, time seems to pass much more quickly these days than it did when you were in your 20’s & 30’s.

It has only been in the last several years that I have truly given much thought to just how quickly those years have gone by.  Those years were truly a “blink of an eye”.  Moreover, while we may have several more in front of us…Oh my how time has flown!

The fact of the matter is… Later is sooner than we think!  The possibility that the number of “Next Times” will become more limited and far fewer and the opportunity and availability for “Second Chances” and “Do-Overs” will begin to decline. With “Time”, it really is now or NEVER.  The days will eventually come when we will wake up and there will not be “enough” time to get to or accomplish the meaningful things we’ve always wanted and certainly needed to do in our lives…So don’t wait until tomorrow, tomorrow always becomes the busiest day of the week… DO “IT” NOW!

One of the saddest summaries of a life contains four descriptions: could have, would have, might have and should have.

Set yourself and your family up to be able to look back and be joyful about the wheels you put in motion, in order to wind up in the best place you could possibly be on all fronts: (Mentally, Physically, Financially and Spiritually).  Simply because you decided to Do “IT”!

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