Accidentally on Purpose

At the beginning of sharing this self-healing journey, I wasn’t really cognizant of; nor did I have any intention of making any specific accomplishments from my daily muses. The only “goal” if you will, was to have a positive outlet to work through my grief and feel better…period.

With that being said, the unintended plus of those daily evaluations and reflections allowed me to step back, and take a look at my personal challenges. Which in turn is helping me to better my strengths by being more intentional.

That is, each time I recognize that some “thing” is a step that plays to or magnifies one of my personal challenges/weaknesses or poor habits, I’ve started choosing to do the opposite of said “thing”.

For example; if you’re like me and challenged with Procrastinating…then don’t!  Do whatever “IT” is right then when you think about “IT”.

If you need to Save, then open another bank account that you can’t touch, start that side gig, skip the car wash and go for the garden hose, manicure; get out the polish, morning Coffee; brew it at home, and Cigarettes…JUST QUIT!

If you need to get poor eating/health habits in check; skip the Fried, and make or order something different. Go to the gym…TODAY! Walk around the block…TODAY!  Take the stairs…TODAY! Park at the end of the lot…TODAY!

I know these are juvenile examples of working through personal challenges/weaknesses & habits, but really..”It’s Just That Simple!”

Taking Immediate, Consistent and Constant action EVERY TIME will move us FORWARD to whatever our “IT” is.

For just a few days, start something new by being intentional and not blindly giving in to your challenges/weaknesses & habits.

You’ll soon see those old challenges/weaknesses & habits now empower you to CONSCIOUSLY think about your choices and to ultimately take a more productive, purposeful and driven route.