An Inconvenient Truth

When I don’t want, feel like or make time to cook, what happens?  I order in, grab carry out or stop someplace for a bite.  Maybe you don’t have time to get to the grocery, there’s actually an app for that too.  Or maybe you’re one of those locked into your daily Grande’, Latte’, Iced Frappa yahda yahda yahda. Well listen up; you’re out about $1300 a year!  And don’t get me going on Cigarettes, that’s a Money and Health rabbit hole you should get out of IMMEDIATELY!

There are an enormity of services and vices out there to make the details of our lives convenient and comfortable. But while convenience is, well; convenient, it is an absolute savings/emergency fund/retirement/investment, killer.  And the kicker?  We don’t even notice or miss the money, because it’s not leaving our hands in “huge” chunks of cash…it’s little drips of it… over a month, 6 months, a year; until we hardly notice we’ve spent/given away or wasted it.

Often times, the best lessons we learn in life come from being inconvenienced. There are scientific studies  that prove it.  We are living in a society where convenience and comfort are being placed above all else, and the opportunity for developing the spirit of perseverance has become less frequent. Yep…I’m poking at the Millennials here.

I’m not suggesting that giving up your morning coffee will allow you to let’s say, “Buy A House”.  But those little splurges and conveniences that often seem minor in the moment end up having an indelible impact.

Take the time to consider the daily decisions that are hindering your long-term financial goals. Is it dining out too frequently? Monthly services you don’t need? Late Fee’s? Not doing your homework before making a purchase? And heaven forbid; don’t blow your opportunity for reaching your goals, trying to keep up with the Joneses!

There are at least a half dozen things that that money will go a lot farther in doing…refer back to (Emergency Fund, Savings, Legacy Investments, New Home, Retirement Fund).

One of my favorite quotes from an unknown author: “Wealthy people invest in their future FIRST then they spend what’s left.  Broke people SPEND first, then try to invest in their future with what’s LEFT!”

Take stock of where you’re spending out of convenience.  Is it truly making your life better, or should those expenses be reallocated for you and your family’s future?

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