“For Auld Lang Syne”…NO WAIT, WAIT!!!

Whether we like it or not, nine months of 2017 are all but over….Did you hear that? “ALL BUT OVER!There are just over 90 days left and it is… c’est la vie to 2017.

Be open and honest with yourself…“Is it a Priority” to make a plan to have control over you and your family’s financial future? Or not?

Are you a saver or a spender? Frugal or Frivolous? $10 on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime or do you go for the $100+ Cable bill?  Eating out often or cooking at Home?

By no means am I suggesting never spending again at a restaurant or on carryout.  However, for me, I had to teach myself how to be more Fluid, Flexible & Focused on my future.

Absolutely celebrate those special occasions with a night on the town.  Nevertheless, if you cannot live without “going out” take in those happy hour deals and enjoy their superb discounts!

Plan – Learn to budget for things, Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Holiday’s and special occasions.  This way, you will not interrupt your own goals and no one is disappointed

The top three things you can and should do right now to get in alignment before the year is out…Look at your Past Money, Present Money, Future Money

  1. (Past Money) – Set up an aggressive plan for PAYING OFF DEBT!  – Side Hustle/PT Job/Weekend Gig?  Every little extra dime should go here first! Especially if it’s anything that is accruing crazy interest.
  2. (Present Money) – Understand your cash flow – Nothing affects you and your family’s financial future more than the inability to understand your cash flow. If you want more for the future, you have to have a grip on your current spending patterns and habits. Are there areas that can be cut back, that do not leave you uncomfortable? Think Cable, changing cell phone providers, cancelling subscription services?  Through the end of the year, check in on your spending weekly; it takes far less time than you think and it’s easier to catch places were you overspend than if you’ve been overspending ALL MONTH!
  3. (Future Money) – Automate savings for your future goals –  If you are paid by direct deposit, then direct funds into multiple accounts. Savings, Emergency Fund, Retirement, Family Vacation.  This does a couple of things.  It allows you to “see” the progress you are making toward those specific goals…and more importantly, the money is going to those places automatically…BEFORE IT EVEN HITS YOUR PRIMARY ACCOUNT.

So what are you going to do with your final 90 days of 2017?

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