Get Your Shift Together

We all know that growth can sometimes be painful, and change can certainly be scary.  But fewer things are as painful or scary as “feeling” stuck where you KNOW you shouldn’t be.

The reality is sometimes we’re frustrated or unsure of “how to” or afraid of not having all the answers, or some financial constraints may exists…But in fact, we are never really “STUCK”.

Saying that we’re “stuck” is often times how we justify and convince ourselves into feeling better about not making a GENUINE effort at doing ANYTHING to help our circumstance.  Namely because we’ve convinced ourselves that it’s too hard, too difficult, too time consuming,  or in some way, out of reach…whatever “IT” may be.

In most situations, every new day gives us the opportunity to decide what we will do no matter how small; about our “IT”.  Will we continue to Dream about “IT”, Think about “IT”, Talk about “IT”, Complain/Whine about “IT”; or actually DO SOMETHING about “IT”!

We have the CHOICE to shift out of neutral and actually put the gear in DRIVE!  Do we have to have it all totally figured out? No!  But we aren’t trees, we don’t have to stay rooted/stuck where we are…we just have to make a MOVE!……… #Getunstuck

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