Hmm… Uhhh… I Umm…

Not making a decision “IS” in-fact a decision.  Yes, that is exactly what I mean… Deciding NOT to decide is a decision in itself.

How many times have you made the unconscious/default choice to decide NOT to decide, and let the cards fall where they may?  How did it leave you? Better Off? Worse Off? Or P!$$ed Off?

In the many times that I chose the “Not to decide” route, it has most often left me in a conundrum that then limited my options.

You already know what “IT” is that you want and need to do.  However; for some reason we cannot put our finger on; we decide NOT to go for “IT”.

Well the decision NOT to decide is not as much of an unconscious knee jerk response as we try to make it.

Think about it.  The only thing that actually stands between you and you taking action is some form of FEAR.  Whether it is fear of failure, fear of finances, fear of The Unknown or just plain old fear of making the decision to go for “IT”!

There was a time when I had let the FEAR of failure and the Fear of how I would be perceived from the outside and from the people around me, direct my future.

Who matters to you most?  Those are the people who will stand by your side whether you succeed or fail. Those are the people who will remind you to try again!

If you think about your life as a WHOLE, you quickly come to realize that the person you are today is as temporary as all the people you have ever been, all the things you have ever done, and all the roles you have ever had to play.  That should make it easier to imagine the person and position you will be in, in the future.

Most people do not reach their full potential because of FEAR.  All the other “Reasons” we have convinced ourselves as to why we have not done X, Y, or Z, are simply excuses.

Write down who and what matters most to you. Then the things you want and need to do. Then Approach “IT”, Research “IT”, Start “IT”, Work at “IT”, Nurture “IT”, Grow “IT”.  Whatever is appropriate for your “IT”!

Just go…DO “IT”!  Because sitting there doing nothing about “IT”; that’s a decision too…a BAD one!


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