How “The Daily Nudge” Started

In December 2016 after the loss of my Grandmother; who was my Heart, my Mentor, my Confidant, and my life’s sounding board. I started on a simple journey to take a review of my own personal culpabilities and intentionally went about seeking inspiration, renewal, healing, knowledge and a better more clear understanding of where I was at this particular station in my life.  I had no idea that exposing my feelings, observations, information and experiences, would become such an encouragement to the friends and family I reached out to by text message every morning…”At the crack of dawn”…lol! Thank you all for keeping me encouraged while I worked through such a difficult time.  It is my sincere hope that “The Daily Nudge” continues to inspire, encourage, teach and motivate you everyday…Just like those morning texts!! I love you all!

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