Make A Better Monday

Uuughh… Monday!  I think we can all commiserate with the feelings associated with that sentiment.  However; negligent of how we feel about it, we cannot stop Monday from arriving.

With that said, the best antidote for the Monday blahs is to turn the tables on how we think about Monday, sprinkled with just a little  bit of self motivation.

Rethink Monday as the most awesome day of the week.  Remind yourself of the countless opportunities the start of a new week presents.

Did you know that most resolutions and pledges are made on Mondays?  I’m going to go to the gym, “On Monday”;  I’m going to start my diet, “On Monday”; I’m going to this or that, “On Monday”. We already justify Monday as a great jumping off point to turn things around; so why not revise your thoughts about Monday?

Jump start your week by resolving to not give Monday such a bad rap.  Reimagine your Monday, make it a Fresh Start, a Reboot, an opportunity for a Do-Over.  Starting off with an awesome Monday sets the tone for the rest of your week to be GREAT!

Let’s do this!

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