Off The List


Almost every Saturday starts off with my browsing through a long list of “Around-To-Its”.

I’m referring to that seemingly ever growing list of tasks, heavy chores, appraisals, decisions and projects that I plan to do as soon as I get…“Around To It”.

So…how, when and where do you start checking off boxes on your “Around-To-It” list?

My list had become so long that I knew that if another week, month or year passed by, it would be a greater disappointed to me that I’d not started on “IT”, worked on “IT”, or had accomplished  ANY of “IT”!  So I had to come up with some kind of plan.

It was mostly a rough draft, but I arranged my “Around-To-It” list into sections. Section 1: Things that I could immediately address (organizing the kitchen junk drawer). Section 2: Things that required more time (painting all the rooms in the house) Section 3: Things that required both time and “heavy lifting”(clearing out the garage/basement remodel); and Section 4: The things that required research (legacy investing, saving,  passive income, retirement).

As rudimentary a list as it is, it has become an enormous help in keeping me laser focused on getting things done.  Every week I evaluate what I’ve established and/or executed the past week; adjust any hiccups and REPEAT! Now it’s almost a game to me to cross items off the list ; and of course add more on!

Certainly your “Around-To-It” list probably doesn’t look like mine, but if you don’t have one, start one; and if you have one use it!

Nothing Changes, if Nothing Changes… Meaningful accomplishment comes in sips, not gulps…because EVERY little thing, makes BIG things happen.


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