Out of Time?

How often do you find that there is never a GOOD time to do “IT”; or ENOUGH  time to do “IT”?

When was the last time you said to yourself “I just don’t have time!”  If you’re like me; it was just this morning!  Certainly we are busy, but let’s face it…we’re not always busy.

We already know the first step to getting anywhere or doing anything is deciding that you’re not going to stay where you are.  As the saying goes…”If you want something you’ve never had you have to start DOING things you’ve never done.

Easy?…of course not! You have to be more fluid and move if you want to IMPROVE.

Try this out whenever you think you don’t have the time to invest into doing something. Use these words instead  “That’s Not A Priority”

Here are some examples: “I don’t have time to update my resume”.  ACTUALLY “It’s not a PRIORITY to update my resume”.

“I don’t have time for bettering my health, exercise or eating right”.  ACTUALLY “It’s not a PRIORITY  to better my health exercise or eat right”.

“I don’t have time to improve me and my family’s position”(Side Gig, Emergency Fund, Investment) ACTUALLY “It’s not a PRIORITY to do something that improves me and my family’s position”.

You see what I did there?  How do those examples sit with you?  The first few times I did this, it made me a bit uncomfortable.

Sometimes just being “Too Busy” and “Not Having Time” is an unconcious reflex to avoid taking action on the time consuming, difficult, and less comfortable thing(s) that REALLY need to be accomplished. If “IT” was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Instead of claiming time as the thief, we should use the words NOT A PRIORITY and the whole dynamic of not having time changes…Give it shot, you’ll be glad you did..

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