Say What?…

Today, I am going to be a little off my typical topic train, so please indulge me.

Recently I encountered a situation that I feel compelled to share, i.e. “vent” about to all of you….You can thank me later…lol!

Unless you live under a rock, it is no secret that we live in the up-to-the-minute age of global information.  A world where data is promptly available at our finger tips.  It readily swarms around us in snippets, sound bites, tweets and posts all day, every day.

Recently I was introduced to a business counterpart whom after sharing some very intellectual dialogue on an altogether different subject matter began a conversation about a specific “media” related event.

During the aforementioned conversation, I expressed to my counterpart, that in my humble opinion the greater propensity of what we are currently dealing with, is sometimes not necessarily simply what the “media” is putting out there; but that a large part of society has become a crowded pool of Lemmings that are just blindly following along…right over the cliff.

Cheese-n-Rice! I thought…”Have you read A book in your adult life?” (Not including anything, you HAD TO read for school or coursework). “Have you researched or vetted any of that nonsense you just spewed?” Give me a break!

Far too many people in the public at large appear to have become insulated, isolated and resolute in accepting that ANY information that comes by way of FB, Twitter, or Instagram is actually FACTUAL, without even so much as a minimal search using the Internet’s know all be all…“Google”…and  Yes, there are still Encyclopedia’s on-line!

For those of you who are voracious readers and continuously strive to absorb and put out life’s vital and accurate information…Thank you!

For those who can only absorb information in little tiny bite sized pieces from a tweet or a post…Do us all a favor…READ A BOOK!

…End of Rant…

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