Where There’s Smoke…

Are we wasting precious time?  Having and making enough time is hardly simple, but it CAN be done.

Take a long hard look at your time “zappers”.  Giving up 15 minutes (or more) of the idiot box a.k.a television.  Give up the extra 15 minutes (or more) of hitting the snooze button and lying in bed just procrastinating, not getting up and starting the day.  Give up the 30(or more) un-constructive minutes  on the Internet – unless it is something useful.

Strategically giving up those little time thieves can give you back an hour or more each day, which you can instead devote to managing your “IT” goals.

How often have you challenged yourself to “DO” something, or more of something?  Not simply something that you know you should do.  Moreover, something that you truly NEED to do.

Have you genuinely critically thought about where you are? What you are doing? Where you would like to be?  Ultimately asking yourself, what do I need to be doing to get there?

Maybe your “IT” is another stream of income, Entrepreneurship, learn or increase a skill, maybe it’s to Save, Invest, Retire, buy a house, manage tuition, become healthier, eat better/exercise, release bad habits, go on an actual vacation or just getting organized.  Whatever “IT” is… We have to force ourselves to carve out small but meaningful pieces of time every day and devote it to our “IT”.

Maybe today you genuinely only have fifteen minutes; well use those fifteen minutes to do  something meaningful toward “IT”.

Challenge yourself into intentionally focusing on achieving any one of your “IT” goals.  Pick a measurable point in time…a week, a month, 60 days, 6 months and really Lean In and make significant quantitative progress toward your “IT” goals.

Here is what I think.  All of us in all likelihood would enthusiastically make time to do any number of the items on our “IT” lists… If we were being paid to do them!

If your “IT” is not already a priority, then treat it as if it is a fire! Relinquish the reluctant attitude and make the time an INVESTMENT in you and your family’s future. Assuredly, it should make carving out those bite size amounts of time significantly more valuable and important.

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